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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Something very unusual happened this year at IIW. Phil invited a “keynote” speaker.
This is very much not in line with the unconference format, but it worked.
Kim Cameron is seen as a visionary concerning Identity and published the 7 laws of identitya few years back.

He updated them to 10 laws. He hasn’t posted them to his blog yet. I hope he does soon.

At the Internet Identity Workshop last week, I met a wonderful person named Mei Lin. She is so passionate about bringing technology to what she refers to as “the next 1.5 billion.”

Mei and Doc were also fast friends.

She sent me an outline of her thinking.

I attended Internet Identity Workshop 22 in Mountain View last week. Fabulous conference. There is always lively discussion for experienced identity people and newbies.

Above is a shot of our beloved Doc Searls. Thanks Doc.

Everyone is interested in learning and sharing information.

This is my favorite conference to attend.