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Context Automation Tutorials

After the Kynetx Impact conference, I decided to spend more time learning KRL so I could work more on context automation. As a result, I started a series of tutorials on context automation using KRL.

1. External Dataset Rules
2. JSON Dataset Rules
3. Original Hello World.
4. Pipes, Pick and Google Docs.
5. Dynamic Data and Dynamic Rule
6. Twitter Module Basics
7.  Accessing XML Data
8. Introduction to Komodo IDE and KRL
9. Intro to webhooks and Programming Twilio
10. Understanding  JSON and the Dataset
11. Understanding  JSON and the Datasource
12. How Convert Greasemonkey Scripts for the Cloud
13. Enabling the iPhone App Listenlog
14. Listenlog KRL Application
15. Understanding jQuery and KRL
16. Understanding jQuery UI and KRL

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