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A Fish Story

July 12th, 2012 · No Comments · Daily Thesis, life

My son Jay loves to fish. On one trip to Hawaii we decided to go deep sea fishing. We hired a big boat. We found the famous Capt. Went to the dock at 5 AM. When the first mate brought up the fishing poles I had never seen fishing poles so big.

We fished all day long. Without a single bite. Finally the Capt. said ” one more time around the bay and we will go in”.

At that moment off in the distance I saw a huge patch of roiling water come towards the boat. Instantly all of the fishing poles were hooked with fish. Jay and I began to reel our fish in. We had both caught some good size tuna. Jay reeled his in first. As I reeled my tuna in I leaned over the boat to bring it in. Suddenly I saw a huge flash of light. From the depths of the sea a large mouth reached up and grabbed the tuna on my hook.

The first mate in the captain knew what happened and instantly jumped into action. The first mate put away all of the other fishing poles. He set up the fisherman’s chair. Everyone looked at me and asked who was going to bring the fish in. After all the fish had taken the bait on my hook. I don’t even like to fish. Scan328

“Jay” I said “The honor is yours.”

Jay jumped into the seat and the first mate strapped him in and handed him the pole. In the meantime the Black Marlin had taking the bait to the bottom of the sea. For the next Scan581two hours Jay, the captain, and the first mate reeled in the prize. It was like pulling in a Volkswagen from the bottom of the sea.
Pulling the big fish onto the boat took all four people.

As we navigated to the dock the captain raised the flag indicating we had captured a Marlin. By the time we got the docket crowd had appeared. The captain in the first mate raised the prize on the dock.
We took turns taking pictures. Once I turned around I saw several people who would come to the dock taking their own pictures with the fish.

It turns out the big fish was a record catch over 800 pounds. It was the largest Black Marlin caught on Kona Island to date.

I will never forget the experience of the big one that didn’t get away.





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